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We have the ideal store-play music CDs
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Enjoy our beautiful music in your store, while you add music sales to your bottom line. It's easy to get started:

It's easy to discover our music. Just click these CD covers and listen to the audio samples:

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To sell our music CDs, simply display them in your store, and play the full-length demos. When your customers ask about the music they have been hearing in the background, introduce the CD that is currently playing, and explain that it is available for purchase - from you! It's that simple: Play, enjoy, and sell!

If you need assistance, please phone us at

or send us an inquiry.

Here's what one satisfied retailer has written about our music CDs:

"Here is a success story I'd like all Nutters owners to knowabout. It involves a BC firm, April Avenue Music. They sell easy listening instrumental music CDs that you can play and sell in your store. My store has sold over 1,100 of their music CDs and cassettes over the past 9 years. Sales have remained strong in recent years as well, with close to 130 CDs sold in the past 2 years alone.

Our customers enjoy hearing the free sample CDs in our store because the music is cheerful and soothing, and the tunes are easily recognizable. After hearing the music, my customers often purchase the CDs for themselves. So we get not only a pleasant ambiance in our store, but steady sales as well, while using very little display space on our counter.

If you want to sell music CDs in your store, here are some tips:

  1. Tell your staff that the CDs you are selling should be played exclusively and at all times, as they generate sales revenue.
  2. Play the music loud enough to be enjoyed, but not so loud as to interfere with conversation. Use a better-quality stereo that sounds good, and spreads the sound evenly throughout your store. Use a neutral tone setting that does not exaggerate the bass or treble.
  3. Display the CDs near the cash register, with signage indicating which CD is playing. Our sign says "Music Now Playing. Available Here." Ensure that your staff are familiar with each CD. Tell them that if your customers inquire about the CDs, it is their job to show friendly enthusiasm, to respond helpfully to any questions, and to inform the customers that the CDs are for sale in your store.
  4. Some CDs will sell faster than others, depending on the season. Re-order frequently, to keep the better sellers in stock. April Avenue Music does not employ sales reps, but it's easy to order by phone, and the minimums are very reasonable. As well, any overstock is fully returnable for credit or refund within 6 months of purchase.

You can reach April Avenue Music at 506 955-3939. Their service is helpful, dependable, and prompt.

J. F.
Nutters Bulk & Natural Foods

To find out how easy it is to place a small trial order, simply phone us now, or use our contact form. We will be pleased to provide wholesale pricing and help you choose suitable CDs for your store.

We welcome former Lifedance Distribution customers.

Terms: We guarantee your satisfaction: If you are not happy with our CDs for any reason, you may return any or all of your music CD purchase for a credit or refund at your option within 6 months of the original invoice date. Returns do need to be authorized before shipping, and the retailer mailing costs both ways. If a particular title is not suitable for your store, please return the free demo CD along with the inventory. To cover the cost of broken jewel boxes and removal of price sticker residue, a re-stocking charge of up to 5% may apply.

The artists, the songwriters, and their families, thank you for your support.
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